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This Is Distorted

About Us

We are a multi-award winning content agency with audio at its heart. We are passionate about emotionally connecting brands, artists and businesses with their audiences through the power of sound.

With decades of combined experience at the top of the international audio market, our team of creators, producers and marketeers can act as an extension of your own team, helping you shape and take your audio product to market. Our content is broadcast across multiple platforms from traditional radio to online streaming services. We believe audio has the power to uplift, drive change and create impact.

The Team

The People of Distorted

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Andi Durrant


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A picture of Nick Riley in black and white
Nick Riley


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A picture of Alex Jungius in black and white
Alex Jungius


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A picture of Becky Lamb-Pritchard in black and white
Becky Lamb-Pritchard

Head of Marketing

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A picture of Nick Evans in black and white
Nick Evans

Head of Electronic Music

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A picture of James Medina in black and white
James Medina

Executive Producer

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Ryan Winders


A picture of Zoë Snelling in black and white
Zoe Snelling

Syndication Manager

A picture of Cat Marr in black and white
Cat Marr
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Podcast Producer

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Cait Rawlings

Social Media Manager

A picture of Freddie Besbrode in black and white
Freddie Besbrode


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A picture of Oli Portamento in black and white
Oliver Portamento


A picture of Suzanne Chesterton in black and white
Suzanne Chesterton

Music Coordinator

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