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Chicane Presents 

Format: 60min Weekly Show

Services: Production | Syndication | Digital Distribution | Consultation

British producer Nick Bracegirdle - better known as Chicane, is one of the true pioneers of the global trance scene. Behind seminal anthems like Offshore, Saltwater, and Don’t Give Up, he’s a part of dance music royalty, selling millions of records and playing all over the globe. His Sun:Sets radio show and live brand is one of the most listened-to chill out shows in the world.

Read about how we’ve been working together for many years below…

Our Story 

Back in 2013, we connected with Nick Chicane to talk about an idea he had to create his own radio show that wasn’t like anything else out there. The concept was to take listeners from the beach to the dance floor - an idea taken from his time and heritage playing at legendary venues like Café Mambo or Café Del Mar in Ibiza - where he would create beautiful ambient soundscapes as the sun started to set, and move inside for those more club-orientated sounds after dark.

Unlike most artists who begin projects to grow their fanbase and have a goals-focussed approach, Nick really just wanted to do a show just for the love. He felt there wasn’t anyone making the kind of show he wanted to hear, so took a risk and decided to invest into it himself.

The show started as a low-key monthly offering, but as Nick and his team started to see the huge growth and engagement it was providing with fans, it very quickly became a weekly event, and his main touchpoint with his fans around the world.

Sun:Sets has become a real runaway success story of the last 8 years. As we head towards 400 episodes, it’s become his main outlet to showcase his music. It’s also branched off into huge selling compilation album series, and live events in the UK, Australia and middle east.

The “SunSet Nation” is the affectionate name given to the incredibly loyal family of listeners, who truly see themselves as part of a community. Each week fans from as far-afield as Melbourne, Toronto, Bangkok or LA leave messages on our voicemail to get involved in the show and choose their favourite movie soundtracks.  

Taking Nick’s guiding vision and creative direction, together we produce, syndicate, assist in A&R, write and manage the entire Sun:Sets radio project. It’s a show we love to be a part of, and with nearly 300,000 downloads a month, and over 60 stations in 20 countries broadcasting the show each week, it’s a success we can all be proud of. 

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