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A selection of old dance music event flyers for the Dance Music Archive header
Original Passion Projects

The Dance Music  Archive 

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In the lockdowns of 2020 we began an extensive passion project. We started to build the world's biggest archive of electronic music and culture. ​18 months later we launched the website and are continuing to grow a rich catalogue of content in our spare time.

The Dance Music Archive brings together 30 years of electronic music history through DJ mixes, radio shows, live sets, festival broadcasts, lost tapes, blogs, artwork, magazines and forgotten recordings. It is a time machine for our scene, containing an ever-growing library, collected and curated by our community from around the world. 

It is a truely multi-media project, encompassing a website, extensive database, journalism, research, social media and in 2022 - a national radio show.

The archive is currentlly a not-for-proffit endevour, built, maintained and grown just for the love of the culture and history of dance and electronic music. 

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