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mau5trap radio 

Format: 60min Weekly Show

Services: Production | Syndication | Digital Distribution | Consultation

deadmau5 is one of the most recognisable figures in electronic music. Nominated for 6 Grammys, he’s sold millions of records and produced some of the scenes most coveted tracks and remixes. His weekly show “mau5trap radio” now reaches over 13 million people.


Read about how we work together below.

Our Story 

Joel Zimmerman - aka deadmau5 - is a musician and producer from Canada behind tracks like Faxing Berlin, Hi Friend, Ghosts n Stuff and The Veldt. He’s sold millions of records and has an army of fans across the world. His stunning live shows sell out arenas and venues across the globe, and he’s a regular in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.

He founded his label mau5trap in 2007, originally to release his own material, and over the years it’s grown to become a hugely successful and fully independent label - releasing tracks from Skrillex, Rezz, Attlas, Chris Lake, Noisia and many more.

We connected with his management team at SEVEN20 in 2018 - they’d seen the success a number of high profile artists were having with their own radio brands, and wanted to explore the idea of creating a new show based around the mau5trap label. They were ramping up their releases and were looking to create a platform to showcase all of the new music and talent that was being signed to the imprint.

After intensive planning to understand exactly the outcomes they wanted, we began to formulate a direction, sound and long term plan for the programme. With creative lead from Joel and the fantastic team at mau5trap, together we launched mau5trap radio and immediately began working on building relationships with radio networks around the world to secure the best stations and slots.

On a weekly basis the mau5trap team collate all of their new releases, priorities and guests, and their dedicated producer at Distorted creates multiple versions of the show for broadcast. We take a full 360 approach to the project - Joel is able to record his voice links at home, in a hotel room or on the move and we handle all production and distribution - delivering results back to the team. In 2021 mau5trap radio is broadcast across 40 stations in 20 countries around the world, to an audience of over 13 million people, and is their key communication tool for promoting label releases and pushing new talent. 

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