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A picture of Sam Divine behind the decks at a Defected gig.
Defected & Glitterbox 

Format: 2x 60min Weekly Shows

Services: Syndication | Digital Distribution | Consultation | Scripting

We've been working with the incredible team at Defected for over 8 years now, handling all of their podcasting and radio syndication. Defected Radio is now  the biggest house music show on planet earth.


Read the story of how we've built our relationship and worked together below.

Our Story 

Defected came to us around 2014 - they’d been doing their own radio show and podcast series for a good few years previously, but wanted to step it up and utilise it some more. Simon Dunmore and the team knew that their whole radio offering could do a lot more for them, so they decided to invest some time and money into it.

They wanted a fresh presenter, a new sound, more data back from their digital audience, and to see if they could get their show onto some more international radio stations, so we joined forces and worked on it together. We trained Sam Divine up from someone who’d never presented a show to being a natural behind the mic, spent a lot of time working on the structure and sound of the show, took over the full production for a few years as they didn’t have the in-house expertise at the time, and really worked on what they were offering. 

When we started working together they were doing just under 100,000 podcast downloads per month and were syndicated to 35 small radio stations. In 2021 they do over 2.8 million downloads a month on the podcast - that’s nearly 90,000 people a day choosing to listen to that show, they’re syndicated to 129 radio stations with a combined audience of 16 million, and they’ve launched offshoots like the weekly Glitterbox show and their own industry-focussed speech podcasts. The Defected Radio show is now their main and most important form of communication with their fanbase - it’s where they premiere new releases, plug their events, and how they’ve build such a strong and loyal audience. On the back of an incredible push within their company, and a huge focus on their regular radio show,  Defected is now one of (if not THE) biggest global house music brands.

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