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Don Diablo
Hexagon Radio

Format: 60min Weekly Show

Services: Production | Syndication Distribution | Consultation | 

We've been lucky enough to go on an incredible journey with the hardest-working-man in electronic music for over 6 years. Don Diablo has built his Hexagon empire from a radio show into a global brand - from events to merch, record labels, and the most engaged fan base around.

Read about how we work together below.

Our Story 

We approached Don Diablo in 2015. He seemed to have come out of nowhere and was releasing tonnes of amazing new music and remixes, but had actually been on the scene since the late 90s. 

Don is one of life’s good guys, a true artist in every sense of the word, who wears his heart on his sleeve and puts 100% of himself into everything he does. He’d just come out of a difficult time personally, and was hyper-focussed on making a go of his artist career and building his brand. 

He had this idea of creating Hexagon; a record label, merchandise line, events and much more.  Rather than being another dance music brand he wanted to create an entire world behind it - the "tribe of Hexagonia" who were all part of this virtual shared world. 

We knew we wanted to help him realise his vision, so we set to work helping him build the whole experience through a weekly programme. We both understood that the theatre of the mind and what you can do with your imagination is much more powerful than making videos - fans could create their own ideas of what Hexagon was.

We started from scratch working with Don on Hexagon Radio, making sure that it fed into all the areas he wanted to grow the brand into, and over the last 6 years he’s really realised his vision with Hexagon. He’s done merchandise partnerships with Disney and Star Wars, climbed into the DJ Mag top 10, headlined huge live shows and launched multiple off-shoot labels. The show is downloaded by nearly half a million people a month and broadcast on over 100 stations - it’s one of his main touch point with his fanbase, where all the new releases are played, all the tours and shows are announced and promoted, and the Hexagon family comes together.

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