Natalie Anderson 
The Capsule 

Client: The Capsule by Natalie Anderson
Sector: Health
Audience Vertical: Well-Being & Self-Help
Format: Series
Services: Full Production | Distribution | Consultation

Natalie Anderson is an actress, presenter and writer, best known for her roles on ITV dramas Emmerdale and The Royal. In 2016 she launched The Capsule, a platform for Natalie to share her genuine recommendations in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle and in 2019, she wanted to turn her website and blog into a Podcast to leverage the emotional connection that audio brings to her audience. 

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When Natalie approached us she initially just wanted to use our studio to record a pilot episode but once she saw how we worked with her on her pilot she decided to move the production over to us as well. Natalie’s brief was to create a magazine style show that highlighted the welcoming and community nature of her brand whilst creating a real connection with her audience.




We could immediately see how natural Natalie was behind the microphone and how she put her guests at ease so we created an environment where she could be herself and have meaningful conversations with her team and guests. Video was a key area that we wanted to utilise for Natalie, she’s a very visual person and using as much video content as possible allowed us to show her listeners as well as tell.

The end result has been a long running podcast series with an incredible selection of guests from Helen Skelton to Jenni Falconer, Denise Lewis to Arlene Phillips.

Natalie Anderson with Denise Van Outen for a recording of The Capsule podcast.


“Producing our podcast The Capsule in Conversation with Distorted has been amazing! The quality, production, communication and variety of services are all brilliant. With their guidance and services we have been able to hit the Top 20 of Apple podcasts in our category numerous times across our 5 seasons and be regularly featured in the national press allowing us to continually grow.“

Natalie Anderson - Owner of The Capsule

We created a podcast with true talk-ability, humanising household names and getting raw and personal stories from each and every guest. The podcast has become Natalie’s go to place to share her own stories as well with Natalie sharing her own experience of miscarriage recently for baby loss awareness week which Grazia magazine covered in depth. This was an incredibly challenging story to share but her podcast was the perfect platform as it was an intimate conversation she was having with her listeners told with her own voice.

A testament to the success of the show and its’ legions of fans is the fact that it’s now supported by Harrogate Spring Water who see the value in her connection with her listeners.