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Trans Truths 
Virgin Radio 

Client: Virgin Radio 
Sector: LGBTQ+
Audience Vertical: Sexuality
Format: Series
Services: Casting | Scripting | Full Production | Distribution | Consultation

According to a Stonewall survey, Transgender hate crimes have increased by 650% in the last 12 months. If ever there was a time for compassion, education and understanding around the Trans community, it’s now!


Living Authentically; Trans Truths is an hour long documentary taking listeners on an educational journey that tackles the myths and misconceptions surrounding the trans community, designed to educate all listeners, regardless of gender or sexuality. 


We created a powerhouse of a production that didn’t shy away from the difficult questions but lent into what it means to be Trans in 2022. Powerful stories, incredible insight and honest conversation make this a must listen.




The objective from the client, Virgin Radio UK, was to create meaningful content that  would help change the narrative surrounding the trans community.


The objective of the documentary was to bust the myths and misconceptions surrounding the trans community and give trans gender people a voice allowing them to give the truth about their lived experiences.


It was vital that the production shared lived experiences of people from the trans community and how negative misrepresentation has impacted their lives.


We produced engaging and impactful content bringing in stories of people with first hand experiences to the soundtrack of powerful dance music, synonymous with the LGBTQ+ community and appealing to the Virgin Radio Pride target audience.


Pulling the journey together was award winning radio & TV presenter Stephanie Hirst. She’s a huge advocate for the trans community, often sharing her journey in the public eye.  She was 100% engaged with the production from the beginning, and gave us her time for free.


The narrative was punctuated with powerful contributions from radio presenter Paris Munro, Cleo Madeleine from Gendered Intelligence, Virgin Radio Pride’s Shivani Dave and Grey Marlow from Queer Lit book shop in Manchester, they talk about the most common and harmful misconceptions they've encountered while exploring their gender identity making for a truly emotive listen.



Really getting to the heart of the issue is a live discussion with members of the public hosted by trans children’s charity Mermaids. We wanted to administer an environment for the listener that reflected what they might be thinking whilst listening, as opposed to just telling the audience about transgender people.


The finished product was a documentary that explored the misrepresentation and hate towards the trans community with people sharing first hand experiences of how this has affected their lives.


"Virgin Radio Pride UK’s mission is to share the biggest stories from the LGBTQ+ community with our listeners and Living Authentically; Trans Truths does just that.
I’m delighted we partnered with Distorted to help bust the myths and misconceptions around the trans community, it’s a must listen"

Mike Cass - Content Director | Virgin Radio

The Living Authentically – Trans Truths documentary was broadcast on Virgin Radio Pride and received a great response from listeners. People affiliated with the trans community have stated the positive impact this documentary has had on their views, beliefs, and actions.

The documentary was shared across media platforms and publications. It gained numerous pieces of media coverage, lots of social media activity and radio station Kirkcaldy FM, based in Glasgow requested to air the documentary which Virgin kindly agreed to.


Along with living on Virgin Radio Pride streaming platforms, the documentary is an educational resource for anyone wanting to find out more about trangender lives. Mermaids regularly sign-post to the programme as a useful and informative listen.


As well as this, it garnered a lot of industry press and recognition and was nominated for 4 seperate awards, New York Festivals Best Documentary 2023, ARIAS  Best Documentary 2023, Audio Production Awards 2023 and Prolific North for Best Audio Production 2023.

Listener Feedback   


"Just hearing trans voices on the radio was monumental for me”


"I thought it was brilliant talking about a range of important topics instead of focusing on just one.”

"I think having Cis people there answering questions and highlighting misconceptions was really cool as I think it will have resonated more with non trans listeners”


"This has such an impact on me as a parent of a trans teenager. I shared it around one of the support groups I am in as it massively helped me unpack some of the struggles I have been having when understanding”


"In my work, I support a lot of trans children with their mental health and this was a very helpful resource to help me explain to other practitioners how we can do better!"

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