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Switching to a vegan lifestyle, or just trying plant-based eating? The Veganuary Podcast is for you! Presenters Stuart and Kim will discuss their experiences of transitioning to plant-based, discussing some of the challenges they encountered, sharing their tips, and even confessing to some of their biggest vegan fails. Each episode they’ll be joined by a special guest who’ll discuss their own vegan journey.


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Veganuary came to us having already created their first podcast season in January 2023. They wanted to up the quality of their production, improve the process and efficiency of bringing in guests from all over the world and pass off recording and production to specialists so they could focus on the content.


Our visualised podcast studio is the perfect place to create multi-media content. This was a podcast but also blurred the lines between audio and video content with full episodes being published to Youtube as well so we knew we needed to treat this like a visual production from the off. We wanted to adapt our space so it was comfortable for the podcasts main host but also enable visual line of sight between our in studio host and guests patched onto large screens in front of him so it felt like they were in the studio with him. This would make conversations feel more natural for both host and guest.




The studio environment was new for the Veganuary team so we needed to allay any nerves and create a relaxing and safe space for them to get comfortable before, during and after each recording session.


Their first season had been a real success,  so while we wanted to up the visualisation on this season we didn't want to lose the essence and success of their initial season.


Transatlantic hosts. While one host was in our studio we had a second patch in from America. She was just as important to the format and conversation so we needed to make the transatlantic co-hosts feel like they were together when interviewing their guests.



Our studio ethos is to make it feel like your living room. The more relaxed and normal we can create the studio environment the more we can put host and guests at ease. This was essential for Veganuary with a professional studio setup being something completely new for everyone involved. Who doesn't love to put their feet up when sitting on the sofa - this is also encourage in the studio (clean shoes only)


We use broadcast quality microphones and cinema cameras in our studio which means we get the best possible quality sound and vision for the Veganuary podcast. We tweaked the colour grading to make sure the colours popped to tie in with the rich colours used across the Veganuary brand. We also tied in our branding screens and LED lighting to make a "set" that was as fun as the content.


Speaking with guests all over the world can be a challenge but using broadcast quality remote recording software we were able to patch in our co-host and guest and record them in perfect quality without relying on their internet connection due to the unique way we record their content locally then upload either during the recording or after it's finished. No stutters or drop outs in sight!



Big names guests from Chris Packham to Deborah Meaden

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