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Why Bi? 
Virgin Radio 

Client: Virgin Radio 
Sector: LGBTQ+
Audience Vertical: Sexuality
Format: Series
Services: Casting | Scripting | Full Production | Distribution | Consultation

Why Bi? is a 3-part documentary we produced for Virgin Radio UK in the summer of 2021. Hosted by journalist Nichi Hodgson, it's an exploration of the history of bisexuality and what it means to be Bi in 2021. 

Read about how the series came about below.




Virgin were launching a digital pop-up Pride station to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture over a 3 month period.


They approached us looking for an audio agency capable of creating compelling content around sensitive issues and their brief was to really celebrate and dive deep into LGBTQ+ culture and issues.


This was a station that was going to champion and amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.


One of the areas we felt was hugely under represented around Pride and LGBTQ+ culture was Bisexuality. We came to them with an idea to really look at what it means to be bisexual in 2021 but to look back at the history of the identity, the common misconceptions and how the label is changing and evolving.

We approached journalist and out bisexual Nichi Hodgson to be the host of our programme as we wanted to make sure that all the names and voices associated with the documentary series had lived and breathed what it meant to be bisexual. We wanted to create a programme for all sexualities and use it not only to educate listeners but to give insight into a label that is as complex as it is mis-understood. 

The end result was a documentary that delved deep into the roots of bisexuality and spoke with prominent authors, tv presenters, psychologists and even out politicians on what bisexuality means to them.


"Working with the team at Distorted was a dream. The passion they shared for our project was heartwarming and the creativity and professionalism shown in making and delivering both documentaries was sublime. Working with people that care makes all the difference and I cannot praise Distorted highly enough."

Mike Cass - Content Director | Virgin Radio

The Why Bi? series of documentaries was broadcast on Virgin Radio Pride and received a great response from listeners as well as feedback online for it’s on-demand version. The pop up station as a result of the huge selection of well produced content aimed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community has been renewed for another year and will be returning in the summer of 2022. 

We also made another documentary series (A Little Respect - hosted by Andy Bell from Erasure) for the station celebrating the history of dance music and club culture through the eyes of the LGBTQ+ community. Distorted were the only production company involved to make multiple strands for this station.

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