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Distorted is a multi award winning audio content agency

We make market-leading podcasts and radio programmes in the fields of music, media, sport, entertainment and health. We connect ideas with audiences.

recent projects:

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what we do:

Distorted is a digital agency with audio at its heart. Really we want to know about you and your ideas, but first a little bit about us. 


We are creators, planners, deliverers! As a content led company working primarily in the podcasting space we create hundreds of episodes of music and speech led shows each week working with some of the biggest stars and brands on the planet. We’re not all about the big names though, we work with people starting out, the teams behind the scenes and the brands that just have an idea but want to turn it into something. 

Come at us with a fully fledged idea or the seed of something that needs help to grow. Everything we do revolves around telling or communicating stories, whether it’s your own, your companies or one that needs unearthing as the true opportunity often lies a little deeper.

Take a look around to see and hear some of our recent projects or get in touch and come at us with your own ideas, we love to hear them. Working with us is a partnership, one full of communication, empathy and transparency with a lot of attention to detail and a hell of a lot of opportunity!

Although we’re all about audio, we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve. Need some killer artwork, a slick video or a live stream then look no further.

Some of our regular services include:

Content Creation

  • Cultivating ideas and developing audio projects

  • Script writing and show formulation

  • Podcast studio hire and remote recording

  • Artwork, video and live stream creation

  • Audio branding, jingle, intro and ident design

  • DJ Mix services

Content Management

  • Full radio project management and production

  • International radio syndication

  • Radio consultation, training, mentorship

  • Blanket licence and delivery to streaming services

  • Pitching to networks

Distribution and Audience Data

  • Podcast hosting and content distribution

  • Audience statistics and data reporting

  • Listener analytics and breakdowns

  • Delivery to multiple digital platforms

  • Increasing client relationships and digital platform performance