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Months of content for every conversation

We're so so proud to work with bold brands big and small all over the world. These brands have doubled down on audio and podcasting and think big when it comes to communicating with their fans, listeners and customers.

Who doesn't love a silhouette of a logo. 

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Revolutionise your podcast game and create a permanent content engine. 

It's not just about the audio (and video), it's about strategic content development and a targeted marketing plan that hits your goals. Our team live and breathe podcasts and we're dedicated to helping clients maximise their reach and impact in a crowded digital landscape.

Podcasts allow you to tackle the subjects you want to cover in a personal and authentic way and talk about the things that excite, interest, educate or spark your passions.

Elevate your brand and stand out as a leader in your industry. We'll hold your hand every step of the way and unlock the full potential of podcasting for your business.

"There is a reason why Distorted is the go-to hub for top-tier podcasts. As a first-time client, I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism and expertise they displayed throughout our engagement."

Jonathan Isaacs

Product Marketing Manager

Big Change

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Don't settle for mediocre content that gets lost in the noise. 





We get to the core of why you are creating a podcast, what you want to achieve and who you are talking to. This work informs the development and execution to make sure your podcast makes an impact from the start.


Experts in the craft of storytelling we develop the best podcast format for your objectives, whether that’s visual or audio only, in studio or on location, narrative or interview. Our producers are magicians in bringing your story to life.


Don’t fall at the last hurdle. Most podcast agencies focus on the production and then forget to tell people it exists. We will work with your budget to make sure you are making the most of earned and paid media opportunities.

Every great idea starts with a  conversation. Start yours with us


Our Features




Before one word is recorded we get under the skin of your wider business goals. We work as an extension of your team and look at not only the execution of your podcast but how it integrates into your marketing mix.
We believe that strategy is of equal, if not more importance than production, so our team work with you to understand your
podcast aspirations, what you are wanting to achieve and who you are trying to reach. Then we look at how we execute that in the best way possible.



We'll edit, package and distribute your content, making you look and sound beautiful in the process. Custom music and sonic hooks for your content, tight editing work flows to only include the content which adds value to your listeners lives and show notes to pull potential listeners in before they even hit play



There is more to creating a successful podcast than a great guest and fancy equipment but it does need to sound and look the part. Whether it's getting you into our state of the art studio or buying you the best kit for remote recording, you need to look and sound like a professional

We'll write content scripts, create structure templates and question lists,  while wrapping these into episode and season plans.





Work smarter, not harder! As well as the perfect platform to delve deep and serve your audience with the content they will love, your podcast provides the perfect antidote to the endless cycle of vanilla content creation.

We'll re-use and re-purpose your content into short form video for social media, newsletter and blog content, PR opportunities and thought leadership and a chance to fill up your sales funnel fully.

This is the area no one talks about, your podcast is the perfect networking machine. Engage with leads and new prospects in a personal and reciprocal way. Open doors to those elusive connections and build rapport quickly. 

Who doesn't feel wanted when they're asked to speak on a podcast. We'll create custom assets for your guests to share and big them up with content they'll be proud to share to their network. Massage that ego!

Mike Cass, Virgin Radio

“Working with the team at Distorted was a dream. The passion they shared for our project was heartwarming and the creativity and professionalism shown in making and delivering both documentaries was sublime. Working with people that care makes all the difference and I cannot praise Distorted highly enough."

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Dawn Little, Hroes

"We use Distorted to film and produce our HR:ER podcast - and we love working with them! They're always really accommodating, friendly, and deliver a high output. As a previous podcast producer myself, I was really impressed by their pricing as we've looked at competitors who ask for a lot more money but don’t include a cool studio, PR support, and equipment. I would recommend Distorted to anyone in my network!"

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John Steel, Cafédirect

"Working with Distorted is a pleasure.  We value their professional opinion and advice and they're great with our podcast guests.  The quality of the production and account management is always excellent."

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We are a multi-award winning content agency with audio at our heart. We are passionate about emotionally connecting brands, artists, individuals and businesses with their audiences through the power of sound. 

With decades of combined experience at the top of the international audio market, our team of creators, producers and marketeers can act as an extension of your own team, helping you shape and take your audio product to market. Our content is broadcast across multiple platforms from traditional radio to online streaming services. We believe audio has the power to uplift, drive change and create impact.



We create over 100 hours of content a week and obviously love all our podcasts equally but here are a few we're showcasing this month.

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Monthly updates from the world of podcasting delivered to your inbox with content and growth advice to keep you fresh. 

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press me

  • How much do you cost?
    We like to treat every client as an individual but we work with companies and individuals who are serious about their podcast and are happy to invest in making it as polished as possible.
  • How long does it take to launch a podcast?
    The longer lead time the better, this gives time to plan properly and make sure you are getting the most from your investment but as a minimum we work to a 6 week lead time.
  • Do you do edit only?
    We like to work holistically on the full production (we're control freaks like that), so we would produce, record and edit. It gives us a full view of hte whole process to make sure every step is done as it should be.
  • Can I just hire your studio out?
    You certainly can. Head over here and you can book online.
  • Do you have any Case Studies?
    Loads - there are some here or get in touch and let us know what genre you are after and we can send some that will be of specific interest to you.
  • How much does marketing cost?
    We work with budgets starting from £1500.
  • How long will it take for me to see results?
    Podcasting is all about consistency to help build your audience and community. Being super clear on what you want to achieve from the outset will help build a podcast that achieves success. Whilst marketing budget will certainly help it on its way there are very few overnight successes in podcasting. We expect you to be hitting the goals we set within 12 months.
  • Does it matter where I'm based?
    Not in the slightest. We work with clients all over the world and partner with studios in all locations if you want to get into one. We're also highly skilled at makign remote recordings work, advising on setup, kit and a lot of best practice to get the best possible audio and video. We'll have your home studio setup in no time.
  • Do I have to do an interview format show?
    Not at all. We want you to be bold with your ideas and ambition for your podcast. If you want to create a narrative structure with many voices and a narrator, brilliant! If you want listener interaction and live streams, bring it on. Fancy a go at creating something fictional, we'll be your biggest cheerleader and can talk you through the whole process.
  • How long have you been around?
    Distorted is 10 years old and was setup by a bunch of mainstream radio producers and presenters with decades of experience. We know how to create compelling content and love working with people new to the exiting world of podcasts.
  • My question isn't here?
    Drop us a message on the form below and we'll get back to you right away.


We'll be in touch shortly

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