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Our podcast studio is the only one of its kind in the north of England and the most relaxed space to record your project. A large number of high profile TV stars, sports, entertainment and business podcasters use the Distorted studio to record their show each week. We have facilities to record up to 4 people locally and can add in people remotely from phones calls, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. We can add visual branding for your project and even film the whole thing with our 4K multi-camera set up if required.

If you need help with recording we can provide an in-house producer or audio engineer, or if you're an audio professional we can just leave you to it and bring in a cup of tea every so often.

As well as podcasting you can use the studio for:

  • Vocal recording

  • Voiceovers for radio, TV and interviews.

  • Phone / Skype call recording for interviews.

  • Complete Studio hire with or without engineer

The studio is available between 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, but can be booked for evening's and weekend's with prior notice. If you are interested in booking some time in the studio please fill out the form at the enquiry from at the bottom of the page, or drop us a line via email on [email protected] 

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