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Building Better Business 

Client: Cafédirect
Sector: FMCG
Audience Vertical: Business & Sustainability
Format: Audio and Video Series
Services: Full Production | Distribution | Social Media Assets | Consultation

Cafédirect are the UK’s first B-Corp certified coffee company and they have a bold mission to champion the work & passion of smallholder coffee growers, delivering great tasting hot drinks to improve livelihoods, whilst pioneering better ways of doing business. As with many companies challenging the status quo they had a great story to tell.


Read about how we work together below


As part of their 30th anniversary celebrations Cafédirect approached us to look at creating a podcast series to tell not only their own story from the past 30 years but to shine a light on how all business can be a force for good in the world. 


This was the B-Corp’s first foray into podcasting and we spent a lot of time looking at what stories they wanted to tell and how we could tell them. As with many co-operatives the organisation is all about the people so the format we settled on was an intimate and conversational chat with their CEO John Steel and all the people that have helped Cafédirect become the force for good it has become today.

The series spoke to tea growers in Kenya, recording episodes on overheating smart phones in the middle of nowhere to big names in the world of sustainable business from Devine Chocolate, Oxfam and Tonychocolonley.

This series began as a history of the company but turned the conversation at every step into how we can all take a step towards creating a more sustainable and socially conscious world through enterprise.

From the very beginning we knew we wanted to create engaging social assets for the show to help promote the podcast content on multiple platforms and in multiple languages so video was an integral part of each recording with everything being filmed and clipped to use to help talk about each episode and get people engaging. Certain episodes were also translated into Spanish to cater to Cafédirect’s audience in South America.

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"Working with Distorted is a pleasure.  We value their professional opinion and advice and they're great with our podcast guests.  The quality of the production and account management is always excellent."

John Steel - Chief Executive | Cafédirect

The end product is a podcast series that is educational, heart-warming, eye opening and a must listen for anyone looking at how they can champion sustainable business. It’s created a huge amount of talk-ability with thousands of listeners in more than 30 countries and is educating people on how to change for the better. 

It’s also allowed Cafédirect to strike up personal conversations with peers who they might have struggled to speak with


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