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Denise Van Outen joins Natalie Anderson for the season finale of #inconversation on The Capsule

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In the final episode of series 5 of #inconversation host Natalie Anderson chats with actress & presenter Denise Van Outen about the 90’s rise in girl power and how that has now translated into women power as the original ladettes pave the way for women still being visible past 40.

They also discuss how after Denise’s own self diagnosis of ADHD, conditions such as autism and ADHD should be dealt with differently in the school system and how individuals can harness the strengths and unique skill sets of these conditions rather than be made to feel like they are at a disadvantage.

Denise shares what we can expect from her new autobiography ‘A Bit Of Me’ and the reasons she chose to delay its publications so that she could add new chapters and she takes us down memory lane with anecdotes from across her illustrious career.

As the season draws to a close Natalie said, “​​I have absolutely loved this series of #inconversation, all of our guests have been so enlightening in some way or another. It's been such a huge privilege to spend time with each of them and to share their expertise and lived experiences with our listeners. I’ve learnt so so much and I can’t wait to do it all again in 2022."

Available to listen from Sunday 28th Nov, 8pm on Spotify, Apple and Google.

The Capsule #inconversation is produced by This is Distorted and brought to you by presenter, actress and writer Natalie Anderson - widely known for her work in UK TV and stage. The podcast was created to provide a space for honest chats, expert advice and real insight, around all aspects of women’s wellbeing & mental health with weekly special guests. This podcast brings you inspirational conversations that will help you build your own wellbeing tool kit.

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