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Leeds content agency, This is Distorted sign market research client, Boxclever Consulting for brand

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Boxclever Consulting is the latest forward thinking business to utilise the podcast medium to build on and strengthen existing client relationships. Podcast listening has soared in the last three years with audiences growing 40%*.

That increase is turning into tangible opportunities for forward thinking businesses who want to not only speak to new and existing audiences but build authentic and meaningful connections from both a B2C and B2B perspective.

Boxclever are a senior commercially focused team with the single aim of helping clients get the most value from every piece of insight, they pride themselves on working collaboratively with their clients which is why the community focused and open nature of podcasting appealed to them.

Director of Distorted, Alex Jungius said:

“Working with the team at Boxclever has been a real pleasure, they’ve recognised the potential of community building in podcasting and have committed to it in the long term.”

Marketing Manager of Boxclever, Tilly Lewis said:

“We wanted to create an opportunity for people to understand the market research industry and show that it isn’t all clipboards and graphs. As insight specialists and creative thinkers, we spend our time helping our clients understand what makes consumers tick but with our podcast, we want to find out what makes the people behind the insights tick, what makes them who they are.”

Source: *Nielsen Podcasting Today report May 2022

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