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Natalie Anderson’s Capsule #inconversation is back bolder than ever!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Intent on providing women with the balance they need to help navigate a challenging winter, Natalie chats with the original pioneer of wellbeing herself Liz Earle MBE, packed with insight and inspiration this is a must listen to episode.

An inspiring and open conversation Liz talks about the importance of balance and wellbeing in all aspects of life and the connection between mind and body. The pair talk about the importance of education in female healthcare, especially around the menopause which is unavoidable for women, motherhood, body confidence and the benefits of weight training, Liz claims to feel stronger and in better physical strength now in her fifties than in her forties.

Liz shares her history around founding The Liz Earle Beauty Co in the 90s and how it went against the grain of what marketing companies were pushing back then, her upcoming new book which is about living with purpose and her work with chosen charities and what they mean to her.

The Capsule #inconversation produced by Leeds based agency This Is Distorted, returns with series 7 launching on September 11th and is shortlisted for an International Female Podcast Award. As ever, Natalie is at the forefront of female-led issues providing women with the toolkit and education they need to take care of their mind and bodies and this series is no exception

Host, Natalie Anderson said: “It’s more important than ever that we understand how to best take care of ourselves, we are facing a pretty bleak winter and many are already feeling the stresses and burden, I started this podcast with the intention of helping other women, at that time there was a lot more conversations about fashion and beauty but now what we are all craving and needing balance and calm, I want this podcast to be calming and restorative, hopefully providing listeners with some reassurance and helping them build their own resilience toolkit to get through this autumn/ winter”.

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