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This years DJ Mag Top 100 Poll - Every single one of the top 10 has their own regular radio show...

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

this isn’t coincidence.. it’s strategy!

Radio shows are increasingly part of marketing and PR plans for DJs and artists... Why? Distorted’s Nick Riley explains the draw…

Audio builds connections like no other medium, sure you can post something on twitter or instagram that people will see but that is a long way from someone tuning into your show for 30 minutes or listening to you in their headphones. In a cluttered digital environment artists need to be able to reach their fans and build their community. In the last few years, radio and online listening figures have rocketed and artists that can harness the power of radio have stood out from the rest. In the UK 89% of the adult population (16+) listens to the radio and 74% of that listening is done digitally, and this isn’t just in the UK - there are similar patterns of increase and stats from countries all around the world.

Having a high-level global radio show that’s syndicated to multiple stations worldwide, and available online with a massively engaged audience is the best way of connecting with fans and building your brand. In today’s world, the artist is very much in control of the creative, not the media owners. We’re proud to work with over 10% of the top 100 DJs and are excited about what the future holds for online and radio listening.

This is Distorted is a full-service audio content agency, built from dance music foundations, and the people behind it have a deep understanding of the music industry. Distorted is proud to be the biggest producer and supplier of electronic music programmes in the world, delivering over 10 million downloads of our programmes every month, and providing programmes for over 450 radio stations globally.

Drop us an email at [email protected] if you would like to discuss working with us!

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