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Why we have made a Mental Health First Aid Commitment.

Updated: May 9, 2022

One of the key reasons original founders Andi Durrant and Nick Riley started the company, nearly ten years ago, was to restore balance back into their lives and create a healthier work-life mix. They believe balance is everything, even in the most exciting and fun jobs, if it comes at the expense of family time this can take its toll.

Successful DJs and music producers, they spent over a decade travelling the world, playing at the most prominent clubs & festivals, creating music for the biggest artists and broadcasting shows on radio networks across the globe. They enjoyed many successes and experiences and whilst there was most definitely glamour to this dream job, there was also a much lonelier, darker side. After many years the reality of continuous touring and missing family and friends became less appealing.

Nick Riley Director and Founder said, “I feel very privileged to do what I do and I absolutely love it… I’m not claiming that DJs are relentlessly overworked under duress… we aren’t saving lives here, but I will say in the music and media industry loneliness is a common feeling and poor mental health is on the rise. As a company we want to do everything we can to help prevent this amongst our peers, teams and clients and this is why we think mental health first aid training is invaluable.”

Alex Jungius, Director said, “As the company has grown and continues to do so we are constantly learning new things and better ways of working and we want to make sure the original ethos of the company remains and doesn’t get lost. A big part of this for us is making sure our teams and everyone we work with feel supported and mental health first aid training is one of the ways we are doing this”.

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