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Mainstage Techno Radio, the fresh, new sound from Danny Avila to move weekly after huge success.

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Danny Avila announces his monthly show, Mainstage Techno, will move weekly on 8th July due to high demand and will be syndicated through This is Distorted.

Having spent over a year working on this advanced, unprecedented and dynamic style, Danny is now channelling his passion into creating this unique show.

Mainstage Techno is an insanely energetic mix of state-of-the-art elements of techno music paired with full-on, cutting-edge progressive features. For those who remember Danny as an EDM DJ, prepare to have your eyebrows raised....

“I come from a very different background than most of the EDM artists. I started DJing

in Marbella and Ibiza when I was very young and I grew up listening

to completely different music than what I am probably known for. So

underground music has always been a part of me.”

Danny Avila

DJ MAG Top 100 DJ (ranked #38) Danny Avila’s debut single on Armada Music ‘Mother & Father’ (feat. Bukhu) immediately hit the top 10 Beatport’s Mainstage Top 100 Chart and was ranked in the Top10 on 1001tracklists’ Trending Tracks within a few days. There is so much more in Danny’s Mainstage Techno pipeline to surprise the world and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

“It’s been a pleasure to watch Danny evolve as an artist, coming from the EDM scene and now playing some outstanding techno. His passion and determination towards the Mainstage Techno concept have been clear to us since the start. We’re delighted to join him in growing the brand and bring Mainstage Techno Radio to stations globally.”

Nick Evans Head of Electronic Music, This is Distorted

To enquire about syndication go to

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