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The Use of AI and How It Can Help Podcasting:

The last few months have been full of industry events & conferences and there are 3 BIG topics that are coming up time and time again and for good reason. The use of AI in podcasting, effective podcast promotion strategies, and video integration into podcast content.

We are taking a quick look into each of these key areas and offering our thoughts.

First up;

The Use of AI and How It Can Help Podcasting:

There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionising various industries, and podcasting is no exception. Whilst there is an element of fear, will we all lose our jobs, and debate on how good AI actually is there is no denying there are some AI technologies that are enhancing the podcasting experience and offer great assistance in the podcast process.

A few months back we ran an AI experiment and asked AI to create a whole podcast, from scripting and naming to the voice, the sound design and the visual branding. Our thoughts, at this point, although it’s worth noting that AI is rapidly developing and innovating, is that AI is a fantastic creative aid, we were seriously surprised and impressed at how good some of the elements were but, we felt overall you can’t beat human touch. Human touch is especially prudent in podcasting where the medium thrives on authenticity, we felt the script lacked depth and the voices lacked warmth, they were stripped of personality and felt quite robotic in parts. But, you can certainly see where AI can really help the process and here are a few examples below.

  • AI programmes like ChatGPT are able to help with content ideas like topics, themes, and names and then can help with more of your show admin; show notes, social media copy and even writing you a press release! But our warning would be to use it like your personal podcast assistant who’s new to the brand - we recommend you check everything, especially any facts before publishing!

  • AI-powered transcription services can convert audio content into text, making it easier to edit, search, and repurpose. Podcasters can save valuable time by automating the transcription process, resulting in faster episode production and improved accessibility for listeners.

  • AI programmes like Midjourney and Soundraw can help with technical creative elements like image design and sound design. Now we always prefer an actual human to do this, after all, half our team make a living on making sound and producing music… But, in the absence of budget and skillset, if it’s a case of AI or not at all then these programmes are brilliant!

  • Personalised Recommendations: AI algorithms can analyse listening patterns, preferences, and user data to provide personalised recommendations to podcast enthusiasts. By leveraging AI-driven recommendation engines, podcasters can enhance listener engagement and expand their audience base. To chat to us about your podcast get in touch at [email protected]

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