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TikTok and podcasting

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

TikTok is the latest shiny social media app that brands and marketing professionals are scrambling to understand and add to their social mix, with the huge burning question

TikTok - isn’t it just teenagers dancing?

The short answer is NO!

TikTok is a great place to go for all sorts of short-form content, whatever you are into you will find it on TikTok. Whether that’s “how to” tutorials, seeing what your favourite artists & influencers are getting up to with behind-the-scenes videos, business advice, music knowledge, or even podcast tutorials, TikTok has you covered. But like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the rest of the social apps you need to understand the platform. All social platforms have their preferred type of content that the algorithms push, and a style and format that the audience has come to expect, and TikTok is no different.

Below are some key learnings we’ve found that help harness the power of TikTok to support your podcast or radio show.

Understanding the feed…

The TikTok feed is a very different beast from Instagram. Whilst the Instagram grid is a thing of highly curated beauty, the TikTok profile is less so. Once someone follows you they will rarely check out your profile unless they are checking back to buy something you may have linked to. It’s all about the feed!

What does that mean? It means that your audience (the viewer) will have a feed and your content will show up in that feed… well that’s the aim of the game. So you need to make sure it’s relevant and engaging.

Unlike Instagram where you share various subject matter, TikTok encourages you to be specific. Post about one subject and stick to it! As an example let’s look at the Distorted Dance Music Archive TikTok, we could post a host of various content around the world of dance music but we have picked our niche and stuck to it, the audience follows for that specific content and has come to expect it. You see similar approaches across all variations of verticals - check out how New Look do their shopping challenge or influencers with beauty tutorials or “get dressed with me reels”.

How the algorithms work…

When you post your content TikTok serves it up to the audience it thinks will like it, along with your own existing audience. The more people engage with your content, the more people TikTok will continue to serve it up to… so the key is to create engaging content that is relevant to your audience. Using appropriate hashtags will help TikTok know who to serve your content to, and hopefully, it will be content that is of interest to them.

How should content look on TikTok?

So you need to get a few basics right, TikTok favours content that has a more authentic feel to it… so unlike Instagram which was about beautifully polished and crafted content TikTok likes the reels to look real and natural and most importantly it’s fun so brands and creators can show off their more playful sides, it’s less about crafting the perfect reel and just having fun with the app. This is great news if you are having to create your own reels and editing isn’t your strong point. The TikTok app is easy to use with loads of simple editing tools, filters and tricks to help your content stand out.

TikTok is a vertical app so make sure you are filming vertically and it’s very much “sound on” so whether that’s music, your voice, or someone else's voice… add sound.

Tell a story, TikTok is all about telling a story and there are plenty of titles and stickers that can help you create a beginning, middle and end. Even if it’s as simple as Before Vs After.


If it fits with your brand and content then you can always jump on a trend to give your content an extra boost to help the algorithms. If trending dances and challenges aren’t your thing there are plenty of trending sounds or filters to play with.

When a trend comes up that fits perfectly with your style, tone of voice and niche you’re on to a winner.

and finally, post OFTEN this app isn’t for the faint-hearted or time-poor. Commitment and consistency are everything. TikTok has suggested you should be aiming for posts 3x daily but if you can’t commit to that then at least aim for consistency.

For inspiration here are some brands and content curators we think are nailing TikTok

Happy TikToking, don’t forget to have fun and give us a shout if you want to chat through any ideas….

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